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Auscott Limited was founded in 1963 by the J.G. Boswell Company of California. The company's first operation was a 2,800 hectare (7,000 acre) property in the Namoi Valley near Narrabri in north-western NSW, Australia.In that first summer, Auscott carried out one of the most extensive private irrigation developments seen in Australia at the time. The company funded and constructed the initial irrigation system including channels, pump stations and recycling facilities. In that first year 1,628 hectares (4,000 acres) of land were developed and planted to cotton, and a cotton gin for processing raw cotton was constructed on the property.

Tragically, a major flood and associated problems in the first season severely affected most of the cotton, leaving only 364 hectares (900 acres) salvageable and producing a meagre total of 697 bales of cotton.As a result of the challenges posed in the first year, the J.G. Boswell Company sent a leading agronomist and an irrigation engineer from California to the Narrabri farm. Not only did these technicians transform the Narrabri farm with the next season being highly successful, they also freely shared their skills and knowledge with local farmers. This technology sharing remains today as one of the great strengths of the Australian cotton industry and is reflected in the high standards of irrigation and resource management seen throughout that industry.

From the Namoi valley Auscott expanded into the Macquarie, Murrumbidgee and Gwydir valleys developing world-class operations with significant infrastructure and highly committed teams.

Today Auscott is one of Australia's leading grower-processors of cotton, playing a significant role in industry matters and organisations. As a vertically integrated agribusiness with production, ginning, classing, marketing and shipping capabilities for both its own production and that of other Australian cotton growers, Auscott enjoys a first class international reputation.

With efficient, well-maintained and modern ginning facilities, Auscott provides growers and buyers the highest standards and reliability of ginning, warehousing and shipping.

The management team at Auscott has great depth of experience. The company offers a friendly, professional "one-stop" service to Australian cotton farmers for a full range of marketing and ginning options. For all your ginning and cottonseed marketing needs, please give Auscott a call.


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