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One of Auscott’s most valued community services is the provision of the Auscott Undergraduate Scholarship Programme. Commenced in 1969, the program provides for three new undergraduate scholarships each year – one in each of the company’s three rural operating areas. Final year high school scholars, residing within the geographical limits laid down in the conditions of the programme, are invited each year to apply for a scholarship. Numerous criteria are used to assess the applicants. The selection process includes an interview with the selection committee and representatives of the particular school involved. 

Since inception there have been well over one hundred rural students graduate at an Australian university or other accepted higher education institutions as a consequence of having been supported by the Auscott Undergraduate Scholarship scheme. The award includes coverage of or significant contribution to tuition, accommodation, travel and book fees.

More details of the Scholarship are supplied below or can be obtained by calling one of the regional Auscott offices or the Head Office in Sydney.

General Description and Conditions of Award


The Auscott Education Scholarship will be awarded annually to one student from each of the following:

  • Namoi Valley - Narrabri High School and Wee Waa High School
  • Macquarie Valley - the Dubbo area, such student being resident either in the shire of Warren or the Municipality of Narromine, and attending secondary school in Narromine, Trangie or Warren
  • Gwydir Valley - the Moree Secondary College and students completing their secondary schooling at a location within the Moree Plains Shire.
  • Murrumbidgee Valley - Hay War Memorial High School.

The scholarship is tenable in any state or territory in Australia, at any tertiary educational institution approved by the committee. The aim is to cover costs of tuition, books, examination fees, degree fees, other compulsory fees, living expenses and some travel expenses arising out of the scholar's normal course at any such institution up to an annual amount of $11,500. The scholarship does not cover H.E.C.S. fees.

Note: Subject to the recommendation of the Selection Committee a scholarship may be divided between two students.


Applicants will be required to:

  • have completed a full six year secondary school course
  • have gained admission to a tertiary educational institution
  • have displayed community and civic responsibility
  • have participated in extra-curricular activities
  • make application on the prescribed form and lodge such form with the Secretary, Auscott Education Scholarship Committee, on or before the first Friday in September c/- the Auscott office in your area. (Refer below for addresses).


The duration of the scholarship is normally four years and capped at $11,500 per annum for the duration of the course. In special circumstances the committee will consider extension beyond these limits.

Scholarships may be deferred for one year because of illness or exceptional circumstance subject to approval by Auscott.

Should a scholar fail in any year of the course, benefits will cease. If the year is repeated successfully, at the student's own expense, payment of benefits will be resumed. Should failure be repeated, the tenure of scholarship will cease. However, should the committee consider the failure to be attributable to circumstances beyond the control of the scholar, the committee may direct that benefits be continued.


The scholarship will contribute towards

  • tuition and books; examination, degree and other compulsory fees [excluding H.E.C.S.].
  • living expenses at a rate approved by the committee together with incidental
  • expenses such as stationery, excursions involved with the course followed, etc.
  • some travelling expenses

as required, and as approved by the committee up to an annual amount of $11,500.


The successful applicant will not be permitted to hold any other major scholarship.

The Auscott Education Scholarship Committee should be notified immediately of acceptance by the applicant of any other major scholarship.


Payments will be made from a trust account in NINE installments during each year of the scholarship, the amount of each installment being that agreed upon with the committee. It is intended that the amount and timing of the payments of the installments will be largely governed by the student's needs.


Selection will be made by the Auscott Education Scholarship Selection Committee. The Selection Committee normally consists of representatives from Auscott and the N.S.W. Department of Education. The decision of the Selection Committee is final.

The successful applicant will be required to furnish documentary evidence showing acceptance by a tertiary educational institution in N.S.W, Queensland or the A.C.T.

Successful applicants will be required to provide copies of their examination. They will also be required to provide a report on progress at the end of each year.


The criteria used by the Selection Committee for awarding a scholarship include realistic ambition, need, ability to succeed in a chosen course, motivation and drive, academic performance, personal presentation, community involvement and maturity. Academic results are not the sole basis on which a decision is reached.


At the end of each academic year, the successful applicant will be required to supply to the Committee a brief report outlining their progress. The Committee may also require them on occasions to speak to local schools in their district.


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