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Auscott is a dynamic, vertically integrated company producing, processing and exporting agricultural products, predominantly cotton. Auscott employs a wide range of people in technical, administrative, professional and operational roles.

For current opportunities Browse to the Auscott Careers portal.

As an equal opportunity employer, Auscott provides a rewarding and interesting range of career opportunities including:

  1. Agronomy and crop management
  2. Farm management/operations
  3. Accounting
  4. Clerical and Secretarial
  5. Agronomy and crop management
  6. Gin management/ operations
  7. Irrigation and water management
  8. Engineering
  9. Specialty electrical
  10. Workshop [management/ mechanics/ welders/ fitters]
  11. Trades – electrical, mechanical, fitting & turning, welding
  12. Cotton classing, warehousing and shipping
  13. Finance
  14. Information Technology
  15. Marketing, sales and grower services
  16. Risk management & foreign exchange
  17. Work, health, safety and environmental management

Auscott periodically employs trainees especially in its farming operations and has an active apprentice program in its workshops. From time to time, the company has openings for assistant agronomists as part of its continuous training program, and provides regular seasonal bug-checking, harvesting, irrigation, weighbridge and ginning work.

Anyone wanting to know more about a career with Auscott should contact their closest Auscott Office.


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