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Auscott operates two of its own warehousing facilities, one at Narrabri in the Namoi valley and one at its Warren operations in the Macquarie valley. These warehousing facilities store cotton from the company’s ginning operations as well as providing contract storage of cotton and other commodities on behalf of other growers and merchants.

The storage facilities at each warehouse site provide humidification for stored cotton and each has a rail line spur and loading facilities for the transfer of containerised commodities to the ports for export. Each warehouse has weighbridge facilities including B-double and road train weighing.

The warehouses operate in conjunction with the Auscott shipping staff located at the Artarmon office in Sydney. The warehouses operate to AQIS standards and can provide container-loading services for a range of commodities.

The warehousing facilities provide an important extension to the supply chain for the benefit of Auscott and its domestic and international customers.

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