Macquarie Valley


Auscott pioneered the cotton industry in the Macquarie Valley when it opened its Warren operations in 1967, an important irrigation development near the town of Warren. Auscott operates two gins in the Macquarie Valley – one in Warren and one in nearby Trangie, as well as a warehousing facility for grower clients.

Auscott’s Macquarie Valley provides ginning, warehousing and marketing services to its many grower clients.
Bill Tyrwhitt, Valley Manager
Sinclair Steele & Anna Dawson, Grower Services 
Troy Shields, Warren Operations Manager 
Sam Freeth, Trangie Gin Manager 



Auscott is an active supporter of the community in the Macquarie Valley and proudly sponsors a number of local clubs and events including Narromine Gorillas Rugby Club.

In addition, Auscott’s Macquarie Valley operations awards an academic scholarship to a local high school student on an annual basis, the Auscott Education Program Scholarship. This scholarship assists students to meet living and education expenses, as well as course fees.



Regulatory Compliance Warren Gin 

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP) - Warren

Authority Contact Details

EPA 02 6883 5330 13 15 55 
Work Cover  02 6792 8720 13 10 50 
SES -- 000
Fire Brigade  02 6847 4822 000
Police  02 6847 4204 000
Ambulance -- 131 233
Emergency  -- 000 


Macquarie Valley

Auscott Limited, 9709 Oxley Hwy, Snakes Plain NSW 2824

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Sinclair Steele
0428 837 317
02 6883 7306

Anna Dawson
0488 044 503
02 6883 7306